guitarist & composer


An intense and melodic guitarist and out of the box composer, Julie Chapais aims for originality and soulfulness, always. As a synesthete, she lives her music in shapes and colours. Textures and nuances are food for thought.

Sharing her music with avid listeners is what she likes best, be it doing gigs in local or out-of-town venues, touring the Maritimes or playing the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

She recently recorded her debut album with bassist Chris Tarry (Metalwood, The Chris Tarry Group), who also acted as co-producer. My Imagination Runs Wild: Flugzeug Trio joined by Chris Tarry, has been released in February 2016.

Julie spends every moment she can playing, composing and being in what she calls her “happiness bubble”, whether it’s with her contemporary jazz group Flugzeug or with her new funk band, in which she gets to explore sensuous grooves and catchy riffs.

She is currently working on new compositions for the Julie Chapais Quartet.